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body-jet® evo: Fast, Versatile and Intuitive Body Contouring


body-jet® evo

The body-jet® evo offers premium water-jet assisted liposuction for fat transfer and body contouring in-office and clinic. With the help of a fan-shaped, pulsating water spray, small or large volumes of fat can be gently separated and aspirated simultaneously in a closed circuit system.

  • No more tumescence technique
  • No more centrifugation required
  • Using the gentle force of water-jet, the adipose tissue is detached resulting in better preserved fat cells and surrounding tissue. This results in higher patient safety, faster recovery and less pain. Learn more today about the efficient, versatile and intuitive body-jet® evo.

    Thanks to a novel technology for the body-jet® evo, the intensity and effectiveness of the water-jet can be adjusted to the users needs, ensuring a virtually pain-free treatment. The surrounding connective tissue, nerves and vascular structures remain undamaged resulting in higher patient safety and faster healing with less pain and bruising.

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    Certified Distributor of Human Med AG

    UpViser and Human Med AG have been partners since 2008. The success story of the gentle waterassisted liposuction (WAL) -method has been amazing. The healing power of fat and its many possibilities surprises us again and again.

    At Upviser, we invest in training our customers. Together with Human Med we have started an Education Center in Marbella where surgeons can learn how to treat different indications with body-jet® . We also organize local trainings for Plastic Surgeons and nurses.
    We have also a wide range of high quality webinars on different indications available.

    Are you interested to learn more about WAL -method and the body-jet® -family? You are always welcome to contact your local representative for more information.