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Munich, Tyskland

BEAULI (Breat Augmentation and reconstruction by Lipotransfer) workshop

We have the pleasure to invite you to the BEAULI Symposium (Breat Augmentation and reconstruction by Lipotransfer) workshop in Finland.
Fat grafting is an old plastic surgical method for the scar and face treatments.WAL technique with BODY JET, ECO and Lipocollectors has made quick large- volume fat grafting possible. In Finland the first WAL fat grafting procedures were made in october 2008 and since then there have been altougether over 1400 cases.

The workshop is organized in co-operation with Laser Tilkka. The clinic is a private hospital in central Helsinki, specialized in plastic, bariatric, gynaecological and general surgery.

The lectures and demonstrators of the meeting are as follows:

Course chairman Plastic surgeon, Dr.Anna Hôckerstedt, Helsinki

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Hilkka Peltoniemi, Helsinki- Most experienced clinician of WAL technique in aesthetic breast augmentation in Scandinavia.

Plastic surgeon, Dr.Susanna Kauhanen,Helsinki- Experienced with WAL-fat grafting in reconstructive surgery.

Dr.Inge Matthiesen, Human Med, Germany-Latest scientific studies on fat grafting and stem cel applications.

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